About SCUIC :

rice mill
Established in 1999, Si Chuan United Industrial Co.,Ltd. (SCUIC) Professionally designs, manufactures and exports Small-Scale Agricultural Machinery,plants processing equipments, especially Grain & Food Processing Machinery, and Chemical raw materials.

With 10 years developing, SCUIC is now holding two subsidiary companies: Cheng Du United Machinery Co.,Ltd.(CDUMC) and Mei Shan United Chemical Co.,Ltd.(MSUCC).

With high sense of responsibility and professional experiences, SCUIC has exported series unit equipments and complete processing lines to over 30 countries and states. This company also can undertake Turn-Key project service and technology involving plants oil extracting, refining and packing; kinds of juice, beverage and purified water producing line; kinds of nut processing projects; grain processing machinery,farm machinery from planting to harvesting.


More Productive,
Less Expensive!

China is a large agricultural country with mumerous mountains,we always devote ourselves to research small-scale and low cost machinery to adapt to the mountain areas or small fields.So all the farm machines are very easy to operate,maintain,and low cost but efficient.

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