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Oil press,rice mill,flour crusher,
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Rice Transplanters,Mini Tiller,Brush Cutter,water pump,Mini Combine Harvester etc .
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Peanuts sheller,cashew sheller &peeler, copra grinder, Vegetable, Ginger,Potato Processing Machine etc...read more...
Brush Cutter - Crops Cutter, Pocket harvester

rice transplanter

Gasoline power cutter is especially ideal for cutting plant like Wheat, Rice, Grass etc. Widely used on agriculture,terrace,small land,woods,garden and city greening with the advantage of easy operation and high efficiency

1. Complete crop and orderly stack can cut 5000 sq ft per/hr.
2. Can be used in fields or gardens or any situations.
3. No need to incline your body while cropping.
4. Can be used more than 5 years with correct use according to manual.
5. Collector is also provided It is steady.
6. Old Models resulted in poor efficiency. Now with the addition of the baffle, it would avoid the involvement of the grass and the baffle could be loaded and unloaded by user themselves.
7. Oil consumption is much less than before .800 ltr /hr
8. It can also be used to chop bush, forage, reeds and can be used to beautify your garden with easy installation of suitable blades and collectors.
9. Our paddy cutter is much smaller and lighter.

grass cutter

small oil pressVideo Tour: -Paddy Rice Cutter