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SCUIC carefully puts Labor Law of China, Labor Contract Law of China and other relative laws and regulations into practice. The Company legally concludes, conducts, modifies, discharges and terminates a contract, strictly fulfills obligations clearly written in the contract, adheres to the principle of putting people first, and make endeavor to build a harmonious employment relationship.
The Company attaches importance to staff life and makes efforts to research and solve problems with staff concerns. For instance, the Company implements system of paid vacation, improves catering service, working and living environment, and strives for a well working and living condition for the staff. Through various kinds of activities, such as, sports meeting, singing contest and photography competition, the labor union motivates staff’s collectivism awareness and team-work spirit, cultivates a relaxed and happy environment for public activities. Therefore, both staff health and corporate cohesion are strengthened and improved.

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We advocate concepts that education and training are high-rewarding investment. Other concepts like great education and great training, serving the corporate strategy and practicing the knowledge, and continuous innovation and quality first.

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