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Mini Combine Harvester

rice transplanter

The mini combine harvester has the functions of straw pulling out, threshing, cleaning and cutting. The rice straw will not enter the machine to extremely simplify the removal and cutting procedures thanks to the latest rounded cutting technology. Meanwhile, the problems of rice straw cutting and dealt with will be comprehensively settled by this technology. This machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low energy consumption, simple and reasonable structure, easy operation, stable performance, good reliability and multi-cutting methods, etc. It is especially ideal for cutting rice, wheat, soybean and reed at the small, mountainous and hill areas.

Main Specifications:
Weight: 165kg
Measurement: 2.2*1.2*1.1m
Power Required: 5HP
Efficiency: 1.5-2.0 acres(mu) per hour

small combine harvester

Compared with the same model harvester, this machine have the following advantage:
1. Diesel harvester move fast, high efficiency.
2. The Security and protection performance is good, more comfortable and easy to operate.
3. Threshing clean, the loss factor is low.
4. We use the high quality steel, sturdy and durable, the work life is long.
5. Good service quality after-sales, three guarantees are in time and faster.

Compared with the big model harvester, this machine has the following advantage:
1. The investment cost is low, payback period is fast, it will become effective for the first year.
2. The construction is simple and easy to operate, maintenance and repair cost is low.
3. Legerity and flexible, climbing ability is strong, suitable for mountainous areas, hills, muddy terraces.
4. The fuel consumption of single harvester reduced by more than 30%.
5. Clamping force foe the rice is small, dont need to rotary.


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