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We understand small-scale agriculture. Our focus is to provide small machines for farmers . We offer a broad range of machines for grains,vegetables and foods. Read more about company

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Mini Rice Mill
  Rice Mill & Crusher Combined Machine is very popular in global markets,because this machine is multi-purpose,and easy to is widely used for rural family,individual,farms etc.
Rice Mill Machine's main function is milling paddy to rice, remove the husk, polish and sort the rice. Its output is >200 Kg/hour.
Flour Grinding Machine's function is grinding the dry or wet grains, beans or green feed, Such as: Corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, corn, bone, fish, cane, cassava, groundnut, tomato, potato, sweet-potato, spices, capsicum, garlic, tea, leaf, etc to be flour. Its output is >300 Kg/hour. User can change mesh to get difference size flour. We eat full rice, the husk and broken rice, flour is used to be feed animals. Such as: cock, ducks, pigs, cows, sheep, hourse, etc. This machine is widely used in rural family, farms etc.And,it is very easy to operate and repair..Users can move it to anywhere to use. It can be used for many years. Also we supply one full set spare parts, provide operating instruction and videos (English or Chinese language) to oversea distributors for free.
rice mill

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  rice mill
rice mill
rice mill
rice mill


The main parts cover rice mill, electric-motor or diesel engine, machine frame, the switch of function exchange etc

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New Model Combined Machine-2017

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